Sunday, June 19, 2011

Opportunities for Custodians

We have watched the race in critical mass which was played at major conservative fund.
And later, we make the following observations:

* the trend towards concentration is more than ever in progress, especially for cross-border acquisitions. As such giants seek the conservation targets of all sizes very small (e.g. BPSS acquisition activities Exel bank ,Spain)
* Most major conservatives have seen their assets under management grow by 50% due to acquisitions of domestic and border ..
* The stability of the classification of the great conservative movement despite the concentration
* the gradual disappearance of the small conservative (a few billion Euros of assets under management). As such, it is clear that the deployment of value-added offers (MO Outsourcing, Pricing OTC ...) but also the increasing complexity of financial instruments makes it difficult to maintain small structures.

The last major change is semantic; we do not talk anymore but preservation of securities services to investors...


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