Thursday, June 16, 2011

New payment methods, to configure market Part.II

Deregulation also imposed with the SEPA will work no doubt for these new products, improving competition and market dynamics. However Europe's payments, particularly heterogeneous, certainly will offer a unique business model and transposed from one country to another.

The payments market is evolving towards a model driven "co-distribution". For credit institutions, historical market leaders, the challenge is to partner with as soon as new entrants, suppliers of innovative materials. This is not only to respond to the risk of decline in the volume of commissions received, but also to offer their business customers innovative and robust solutions, and this, as soon as possible to maintain their market share. The players in the consumer credit will also fit on their revolving credit card.

Sites are consistent adaptation to provide both a business perspective (definition of responsibilities, risk management, targeting policies and pricing ...) as a point of view of information systems (changing production tools and CRM, electronic banking trade flows with partners, upgrade repositories ...) The needs are also important to provide training in the branch networks, to spread the new methods of marketing and loyalty.

Finally, the area of payment being in a phase of great change, both in terms of regulation or in terms of new offerings / technologies, some players have an attitude rather than "defensive" (including banks ...) while others may adopt a logic "offensive" to take advantage of this window of opportunity to enter the market. In all cases, regardless of the type of actor, it's being played today that the reconfiguration of the market tomorrow.


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