Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The development of operational efficiency

The development of operational efficiency is a major concern of the major banking groups. This translates into at the moment through the consolidation of existing services in unique organizational entities in the Group. The aim is to reduce costs while improving the consistency, quality services and ultimately increase the operational efficiency of the entire organization.

However, the real centers of specialized operational efficiency (making the concentration of the three asset expertise, information and resources on a given field of activity) are not yet implemented only in a very ad hoc.
To develop such centers of operational efficiency, it is first necessary to identify relevant activities to concentrate in these clusters, so that they can then grow in terms of gains expertise, knowledge, productivity. Allowing them to have a real impact on the operational effectiveness of the Bank's medium term.

The establishment of centers of operational efficiency can significantly increase the operational efficiency of the entire Bank and facilitate response to the need for continuous development (see previous article in this blog). However, we must first identify the activities that could constitute sources of operational efficiency.

As we mentioned above, will be sought primarily in activities that allow centralization of three assets: information, expertise and resources. Joint ownership of these three assets pave the way for a wider range of services on the perimeter of activity. This offer will consist of both services 'operational' and services for projects. The problem is then to identify and evaluate the essential features of the future organization activities among distributed so far among multiple services or multiple entities.


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