Thursday, December 15, 2011

Governance and Management of Operational Efficiency

To ensure consistency of objectives and day to day 
developments, it is necessary to develop a unique control of the entire work area operationally and in terms of its development (projects). Cells respond directly support the daily needs of internal customers will be directly attached to the same manager as the study of cell changes (service projects) and project management.
Besides coordination facilitated the centralization of information on operational activity will also provide indicators for monitoring the activity complete and advanced.
The establishment of centers contributing to the development of operational efficiency of the organization

The division of operational efficiency can significantly increase the operational efficiency of any Bank by reducing the complexity of the process, facilitating the evolution of organizations, reducing the overall cost of the activity level of service or greater .
This structure also facilitates the response to the need for continuous development [1], ensuring consistency in its scope, and contributing directly to facilitate the work of projects and developments of its clients through its dedicated service and expertise.

For the pole reaches these goals, it will first identify the activities conducive to a centralized asset value and define the services 'operational' and 'projects' to enlist the broader scope of users. The identification, definition, implementation and establishment of the trajectory of evolution of the cluster operational efficiency will require to use an approach to take into account all the dimensions (budget, governance, expertise, information, human resources, IT etc.


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