Friday, December 9, 2011

The Division of Operational Efficiency

The division of operational efficiency based on a concentration of three assets that are the information, expertise and resources. Only structures to achieve the concentration of these three assets are likely to be centers of operational efficiency in its own right.
Vis-à-vis the information, the division will have a role as manager, owner or clearing house (broker). It therefore has a good command of a large set of information and / or complex, which will provide added value to share with its customers.

Expertise is a real knowledge of the business scope, the scope of use of services by clients, information and resources. The center will draw a capacity to formulate principles and methods. The expertise is not limited to a number of FTEs, but corresponds to the understanding of complex issues and ability to assist customers on these issues.
Means include other material, application or human (ie production capacity).

The division of operational efficiency in the service of internal customers:
With the exception of clusters dedicated to specific clients of the company (call center, help desk ...), clients of a center of operational efficiency are internal customers: other departments and services, subsidiaries ... In particular, setting establishment of a center of operational efficiency can send new customers such as small entities that could afford these services before.
The cluster is justified in the long term added value to its customers. To achieve this goal, the division should identify:

* Services 'operational' to make available the various entities on a recurring basis,
* Project Services and support services for the integration of services (eg installation of new tables or new releases referential pole for reference, definition and implementation of accounting controls of a project up or disseminating accounting data for the pole ...).

The combination of both types of services is essential to ensure consistency in the development and daily management. Service levels associated with these two activities should be adapted to customer needs.
The provision of all services will be secured by service agreements, reviewed regularly with key users. This will oversee the relationship with users and a corresponding reduction in the cost of the relationship.


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