Monday, November 28, 2011

Organizational Challenges

In today's competitive (aggressive competition in the credit rates, price competition in the online banking ...), research to optimize the margin does not tolerate weakness in the quality of service provided to customers and time control of operations with these clients. This requires change in the existing organizations to increase efficiency in resource constants.

At the strategic level, the connections between stakeholders require when they occur to review fully the organization of internal functions become redundant or competing. Moreover, the conduct of political expansion (purchase of subsidiaries abroad, in particular) need to be integrates in various kinds of institutions (specialized activities but varied regional specificities ...) quickly and efficiently. The goal is then to integrate these institutions spun in standardized processes of the Group (in order to master the complexity of management) while making them benefit in return, services and assets that will support their development (discharge of certain activities centralized management, benefit sharing relating to the purchasing capacity of the Group, providing resources such as infrastructure group ... SI).

To meet the regulatory requirements (Basel II, MiFID ...), projects involving many entities set up new processes intended for the management and regulatory bodies.

These developments guided by the strategy or imposed by the regulatory and competitive environment combine to create a situation of permanent change of internal organizations. This is reflected by the increase in the frequency of reorganizations, the constantly changing service delivery entities, changes in scope of responsibility ... information systems must then accompany this change permanent, which generates significant expense. In addition, some priority changes (particularly regulatory) limit the possibilities of devices in parallel developments. Indeed, they are faced with schedules that do not always maintain a path for the information system progressive and consistent.


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